Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yandere Kanojo - 17

Alrighty done right on time! Here's part two of the house visit along with a surprisingly serious prediction from gramps. Next Yandere will be ready around the second week of July!
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  1. yay finally ch 17 thanks soo much and goodluck with it


  2. Thanks, Finally the ch 17! and Argentina 3-0 xD


  3. Thanks for the release!

  4. thank you for your hard work in this chapter.

  5. about time -.- just kidding :D thanks for release

  6. Dammit, I love both Umisho and Yandere Kanojo and would like to see both released as quickly as possible... Couldn't you outsource some of your work somehow?

  7. Ohhh, drama. :D Thanks for the release~

  8. @Anon

    I've been looking for some cleaners (I keep forgetting to put it on the credit page), but all I've found is two. One had to stop, so another took his place cleaning Mitsudomoe for me. Everything else I do solo at a release rate as fast as entire 3-8 man team(s).

    If I didn't have to clean I could easily double, if not triple release speed. Case in point: I did all of methed in one day which was ~40 pages which is 4 times my 10 page quota I try to stick with now.

    TL;DR - Find me some people good with Photoshop that can work at a pace of ~10 pages every 2-3 days and I'll release 2-3 times as fast.

  9. Here be my proclamation of love, THANKS FOR THE SCAAAAANS, dammit, yandere kanojo always gets me all giddy like a school girl u/////u

  10. Thanks so much for the scans. owo)9

  11. thanks for the scans!!! :DDD
    btw ur sidenotes are hilarious lol
    good day!

  12. Thanks so much for Yandere Kanojo!~

    Um... on another note, if I said I found some MQ raws (and be willing to clean them beforehand), would you be open to any new series suggestions?

  13. I'd have to take a look at it, I've got a bunch of stuff sitting around that I want to do as it is. However yes, I am always open to suggestions.

  14. Thanks you so much~

    Well, if you don't mind me suggesting, how about Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora?

    Although I don't normally like ecchi, I just adore parodies! And this one is no exception, and it's pretty funny. xD

    I believe one chapter has already been scanlated, but I have the raws for 2-4 here:

    (I dunno if this is true, but I heard from another anon that apparently this comes out about every 6 months?)

    Anyway, please let me know what you think~

  15. That's actually a series I've had my eye on for a while, but it has a few problems. One is that raws are iffy, they've been stalled at chapter 4 for at least 6 months. Another is that it's seinen so some of the translation would be fairly time consuming (a lot more than usual) for me. I've been thinking about doing a seinen like that once I improve my J>E translating abilities though, so if it gets some tankoubons I might do it slowly on the side since I do like Minazuki's stuff.

    Also on a side note, Young Animal Island is published quarterly, so unless Gou-Dere is on a weird schedule it should get 4 chapters a year, not 2.

  16. Oh I see, I understand.

    Thanks for the reply~

  17. I just discovered this manga today, and it has already shot into my favorites list.
    Thanks for the great job you guys are doing on this!