Sunday, June 6, 2010

Umisho - 85

Cat-like freshman girl just jumped up in my rankings. I can't believe Okiura would pass up that opportunity even if he can't swim. Second to last page is also pretty awesome, I imagine you will all enjoy it greatly. Also, lots of tiny text this chapter. Sorry for destroying your eyes, but it really is incredibly small. Links below:


P.S. I've decided on another series called Mitsudomoe. It's kinda like Today in Class 5-2 mixed with Ichigo Mashimaro and Minami-ke. The chapters are about as long as Umisho ones so release speed should be fine, but if there's anyone interested in cleaning the pages for me (preferably someone not too busy) send me an e-mail. I'd expect the cleaned chapters using Photoshop (preferred) or an equivalent program like InkScape at least every 2-3 days. Also, as small extra piece of info, an anime version will be airing this summer.


  1. Are you really doing this series alone?
    Your speed is impressive.

  2. Yeah, I've done everything solo so far (except AtLS). Starting next week though I'll probably see if I can find some editors so I can release even faster. Something like 30-40 pages worth of releases a day as opposed to the ~10 I do now.

  3. I hope ATLS to be out soon :( Please!!

  4. Nice work! How many chapters does Umisho have in total?

  5. Thank you very much for the release!!!

  6. Thanks ^^
    Anon, Umisho has 129 chapters, if I remember well.