Thursday, June 3, 2010

Umisho - 82

Here we are, 82 done. I didn't translate the BBS or "Googre" stuff because it's not very important. For example, on the BBS the posts are emoticons and "I'll go~!", and other stuff like that. And if you want to see the google part just make a search yourself. If enough people complain though I guess I could translate it, though it's not very likely. Links below:



  1. I would be impressed if you can keep this awesome streak up for a while longer. I confess to checking regularly for updates and was surprised the day before yesterday to see so many updates.

    I thank you immensely for this as I have this as one of my top manga for the time being (What can I say? Campy tropical romances do it for me)

    We need a Jimmy Buffet Cameo.
    Then it would be complete.