Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Umisho - 90,91,92

Alright, finally got this done and a bit ahead of my last ETA. Sorry, but there was a lot to typeset and I got too into playing Muv-Luv. Also it came to my attention a while ago that Otogi Machi no Rena has a group doing it again, so you may want to check it out since it's made by Umisho's author. Also, if you haven't heard of it yet, you might also wanna check out Sankarea which is also by Umisho's author and has significantly better art than his previous stuff.

Anyway that's all for now, I'm still looking for cleaners so let me know if anyone is up for that. You can do whatever series I'm doing you want to, or something new if I like it. Links below:



  1. Thanks, you saved my day ^^
    I was sad because Japan lost today -___-

  2. thanks for the update looking forward to this
    btw its all about spain =p

  3. Hi, when are you going to update akuma to love song?? i like it very much so i hope it would be soon :)

  4. All AtLS release questions should be directed at shin (otakami) for the time being since the last job in our little assembly line is his cleaning and he has translations up to chapter 40.

    However, we're waiting on the raws we ordered to get to us which probably won't be for a good 3-4 weeks so even if he gets the current chapters out fast you'll be stuck with nothing again for a while anyway =\

  5. I would much like to see continued work on these and Yandere Kanojo myself. But then, You guys hav been pumping out a high volume. Still though, 3 chapters in a row right quick will be impressive. Please keep us updated as we look forward to their release

  6. Thanks for the release!

    By the way, who else is doing Otogi no Machi no Rena? The last one I know of was tktranslate, but they haven't released anything in well over a year.

    So if you're ever looking for another project to pick up... (hint, hint) ;)

  7. KHS (http://kuroihasuscan.blogspot.com/) is doing it, and their plan is 2 chapters a month which is about 50 pages. I'd prefer twice that amount, but I have no plans of doing Otogi at the moment.

  8. Thanks for Umisho =)
    I'm going to check this Sankarea, it looks interesting.

  9. Thanks for the release :)

  10. thanks for the release i've read sankarea in one sitting and also Inu Neko Jump! so im a fan but i've never read Otogi no Machi no Rena maybe ill check it out

  11. Thanks for the release! Gundam-Amuro was funny as hell!!
    I started reading sankarea a while ago, it's a very good manga too, but i still prefer Umisho ;)