Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mitsudomoe - 10

Alright, back to releasing things! Well, it's not like I wasn't working on stuff for you guys though. Anyway here's chapter 10 of Mitsudomoe. For info about bishoujo and sanjo and why I left them untranslated (it's not because I'm a raging weeaboo) read the credits page.

Oh, and here's a quote from shin in response to my TL for chapter 40: "...thanks for akuma. I'll start the releases tomorrow." so if you don't see anything new by tomorrow feel free to scorn him with all your might you rabid shoujo fans (don't be too mean though). Links below:


Update - Here's a reply about Bungaku Shoujo that I put on pastebin. Apparently original art does not include the entire cover, just the character on it (wut?). I replied again to see if when they said "merely framed" if they meant by a dust jacket, though I doubt it since I asked about dust jackets in my first e-mail.
"No, there is no dust jacket." Well that's that. Looks like if I ever decide to translate some novels I know what I'll be doing first.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Wow, I don't like it, and think the cover for Bungaku Shoujo looks pretty terrible. :S Just rather..old-fashioned, and doesn't match the original art that looks like it just got copy and pasted roughly in. Sigh.