Monday, June 7, 2010


So yeah, yet another day I've missed and left you Umisho-less. Sorry, but I had to write another paper which ate up most of the day. On the bright side, I'm basically done now except that I have to grace my other classes with my presence to take 3 stupidly easy finals. Also I'll be ordering Gangan Joker and Dragon Age soon as well as receiving something else I order a while back (looooong time ago, fuck shipping by boat) that you will enjoy if you like tarps. Still looking for an editor for Mistudomoe, but that's about it. Found someone, but if anyone else wants to edit a different series to speed things up let me know. Expect Umisho 86 tomorrow night.


  1. Thanks for your hard work! good luck on your finals.

  2. Yeah do well in your exams!!good luck!! ^^

  3. Break a leg!
    Well, this sounds like a threat XD In Italy we say "(go) in the mouth of the wolf" ^^;;