Friday, June 18, 2010

Working on Stuff

Probably won't have anything to post today, I'm working on translating 38 and 40 of AtLS all of which (35-40) should be ready soon since it would seem Yukihito managed to get 3 chapters done in her absence.

Anyway, since I won't have anything to post probably, you can have this Miku wallpaper I made (by extending a smaller original image) that seemed to be fairly popular in a desktop thread last night. The above version is stupidly high in quality and file-size so a smaller version can be found below. If anyone wants it in a different resolution (bigger or smaller) post a comment and I'll add it later.

Back to TL'ing AtLS for now!

Update - So I lost power for about 8 hours. Good thing I made this post just before that, since there is no way in hell I'll have anything ready. I don't even have AtLS 38 halfway done yet ;_;

Wallpaper Sizes:


1680x1050 HQ
1680x1050 MQ


  1. Awesome wallpaper! I love Miku and gofuku, so both together is double-awesome :). Is there any chance you could post a 1920x1080 (or bigger) version of it?

  2. I'm posting from my phone, whenever I get power back I'll post a bigger version.

  3. Uwahh~
    I hope its not too much trouble but, could I get it in 1366 x 768 resolution...haha.
    It's a great wallpaper though =) Thanks for sharing!
    And can't wait to read more AtLS :D

  4. Very nice wallpaper. Too bad I'm not a Miku fan at all. If you make some other wallpaper, upload them too!

    P.S.: Thanks for the Umisho releases!

  5. Thanks for Umisho and Mitsudomoe.
    BTW, I commented in the previous announce the reason of the "Sanjo".

  6. Thanks for the tip on that Kemm. I didn't know that it was a type of title-name deal like Senpai. Though I probably should have guessed considering it was written with the kanji for three and woman. I guess that's what I get for self-teaching myself.

  7. Thank you so much for translating AtLS I <3 that manga I think is one of the most beautiful mangas ever.
    ~Arigato Gozaimasu~