Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yandere Kanojo (JOKER) - 17

So yeah, finished this chapter finally. I really should buy vol 1 & 2 to fill in the gaps. So many characters that were not in the online version. I'm still looking for cleaners as well, you can do whatever series I'm doing you want (I also have some new ones and Seitokai no Ichizon vol 3.5 that I want to do in the future).

Also, a little viral marketing that is actually not too bad, is that facebook and artscow paired up to give away mousepads in exchange for you spamming all your friends about how awesome your free mousepad is. I somehow had 50 friends despite having only made a facebook because it was mandatory for a class I took, so I made a mousepad for the glory of Ume Aoki (you can view the image I used here if you care) and because my current pad is dirty and falling apart. Visit and click on the banner for details about it, the entire thing (including shipping) is free as long as you have a facebook with 50+ friends and an artscow account.

Ok, enough viral marketing, links below:



  1. :O So close, the progress thing just makes me want it more which is bad for a monthly release.

  2. Very cute mousepad, I WANT. xD

  3. Gaps!?!? Nooooooo.
    You should totally buy those volumes, this is definitely one of the better romance/comedy manga out there.

  4. Have you thought about jointing with CCCR instead of both releasing the same thing?

  5. So the ones you have listed as JOKER are from the magazine while the others are the online ones? Meaning there is a 0-15 of JOKER that are as of now unscanlated?

  6. I didn't even know CCCR was back, but I'm hesitant to do a joint with someone who seems to have such an unstable schedule. As some people maybe have noticed, I generally don't let stuff get in the way of releases and as a result I can maintain the decent pace I have right now.

    I don't want to go through the trouble of working out a joint only to have school start again in Aug/Sept and have him bail. As it is, most joints I've considered were total flops because the other group wouldn't commit to the speed I want to go at. I'll just have to wait and see how things go from here on out.

  7. @Doubleblah

    Yes, if it has (JOKER) that means magazine. If it doesn't, then it's online. From what I know 0-15 are missing, the raws aren't even avaiable anywhere. I do, however, remember seeing raws of chapter 1 and 2 of the magazine version a long time ago, however I cannot find them now.

  8. If all the releases by CCCR done before you started were the online version, then I'm pretty sure 1-3 of the magazine version were done by the now dead (?) group C_K, though the only place I can find them is hosted on MangaFox (ewwww). Perhaps there isn't a 0 of the magazine.

  9. Hello! Thanks for another release!

    Maybe you should just do the JOKER version while CCCE does the online version (at least for now while he seems to be active again).

    @doubleblah: someone calle c_k did chapter 1-2 of the magazine, but yes the rest are unscanlated afaik.

  10. Meant 1-2 of the magazine version now 1-3

  11. Raws for volume 1-3 were posted in a comment on this blog a while back.

  12. Thanks for the release!

    And yeah, I have some of the scanlated magazine versions, but as others have said there's only a few chapters available (1, 2 and 16).

  13. Man I COMPLETELY forgot about the magazine version of this series, I was so used to the online version. I was wondering when Manabu and Nanami met since they haven't been shown together in the online version. It would be awesome if you were able to scanlate the Joker mag chapters 3-15 and continue this version since it complements the online comic very well.

  14. the ordering is very screwy. if i understand right, looking at mangafox's listings

    and their numbering.
    000 "Yandere, As In A Love-Struck Delinquent" is not sure, im guessing ONLINE version.. a summary of sorts? where it fits seems a bit odd

    001 "Spring, The Season Of Love" is the first PRINT version

    001.1 "A Homemade Lunch, Just For Him" is the first ONLINE version

    002 "A Cell Phone Is An Item Of Love" is the second PRINT version

    002.1 "Bloomers At The Athletics Festival" is the second ONLINE version

    003 "Test, A Paper That Measures Your Academic Ability" is the third ONLINE version

    .. and from there the rest are just online versions except for the 16 and 17 ones youve scanned

    Is this correct? Glancing at the raws that were put up it seems chronologically 00 is kinda split in between several other chapters. But as far as splitting up what is online and whats print, is what i listed correct? Im trying to sort it out because i think the numbering over there should basically switch the 001, 002, with the 001.1 and 002.1 since all the other regular numbers are from the online version

    BTW i uploaded your 16 and 17 print versions to mangafox the other day since they werent there. Tnx for all the hard work!