Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mitsudomoe - 16,17,18,19

So yeah, I just decided to do 4 this time and finish vol 1. Releases from now on will be 3 at a time like I said. Next up is the rest of the Boku x Kano chapters, and I'll do progress posts for those. After that, I'm not sure. It'll either be a chapter of NEET Princess Terrass or some Umisho stuff while I wait for my orders to arrive. Oh, and I'll make a batch of vol 1 later. Links below:



  1. As a follower of some of the vexedscans works, I for one would like to see some more umisho releases. While the ecchi jokes get tiring, I like the story overall. I am eager to see where the main story is heading.

  2. I plan on following the schedule as stated above. I could get more done faster if I had some more cleaners though (*hint hint* *nudge nudge* *wink wink*)

  3. Thanks for the release! :)

  4. Awesome, 4 more chapters of greatness!!! :D
    Anyway, Vexed, did you get a chance to check out the first episode of the anime? Haha, the chair scene was the best :)

  5. yes more umisho "por favor" ;) and please kind sir keep up your magnificent work .

  6. My japanese language proficiency is nowhere near good enough to even attempt kanji.
    As for removing and retouching the manga scenes themselves...
    I'll check back in 24 hours and then go from there.

  7. Thanks! ^^
    Futaba looks like Momoko from Sumomomo Momomo XD

  8. I was sure I wrote a comment o_O I'm getting old.
    Thanks x 4 XD

  9. Yeah same anon who expressed some interest. shoot me an old raw at I say old raw because I want to practice before officially signing on.

  10. I have realized this a while back:
    - 1st sister is called Mitsuba (meaning '3 ha' or '3rd ha', being 'ha' a counter) and has two pigtails.
    - 2nd sister is called Futaba ('2 ha' or '2nd ha') and has 3 pigtails.
    - 3rd sister is caled Hitoha ('1 ha' or '1st ha') and has (a ponytail? a pigtail? a bun?) only one tie in her hair.

    They are a bit messy, aren't they?

  11. Futaba only has a topknot, not 3 pigtails. You're right about their names pre-fixes being intentionally numbered (hi, fu, mi) though. I had considered a TL note about it when I started, but decided it didn't really matter since it's just trivia for now (ie. it hasn't been used in a joke).