Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Akuma to Love Song - 38

At long last, AtLS is back! Releases should be a bit faster now because (in case you didn't see the earlier post) I now have every AtLS volume that has been released so far. Also, apparently Shin had fun editing the newspaper in this chapter. He's probably a hard M if you ask me.

I'll try to get Yandere Kanojo out by tomorrow. I would've had it done today, but I had to move 90 8 foot long two-by-fours from the curb outside my house into my basement. I also went golfing for the first time this year (oh god was I awful). Anyway, you most likely don't really care about that so links below:



  1. Thank you so much!~ :D

  2. Yay, also wooo Yandere Kanojo soon!

  3. cant wait for next chapters :)

  4. LOL a hard M.. seriously thank you guys. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and this manga as well. <3 cant wait for the new guy lol whats his name and whats he up to!

  5. hello
    im really enthusiastic of this and i av read till 47 are they any coming up..??

  6. you guys haven't posted another chapter of this since... it feels like FOREVER!! T_T I am very sad! any plans do scanslate another chapter anytime soon? :<

  7. i have read up to chp. you guys know when you're gonna have 53+ up cause i know it's already out...some ppl have scans in chinese on just plz plz plz plz post the next ones...dont quit in the middle!!!!!!