Saturday, July 3, 2010

Decisions Decisions...

So it's almost time to order stuff off amazon again and I need at least one thing besides the two magazines (GanGan and Dragon Age) in order to get a small deal on shipping. Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki vol 1 just got released, but I don't know if it has any extras (besides the obvious author stuff on the inside slip) so all that'd get is better scans if it doesn't. Another option is Seitokai Yakuindomo vol 3 (I have 1 and 2 already) which would obviously get scanned, but might overlap with the anime (which you should be watching).

A third option would be Nana to Kaoru vol 4 that I'm almost 100% certain has omake stuff like the dental gag chapters. The last option(s) I was thinking about was to get another magazine, Comic High!, which has a bunch of seinen stuff like Miman Renai, Hiiragi Elementary School Love Club, Kodomo no Jikan, etc.

Anyway, no promises or anything, but if anyone has an opinion on any of the stuff above e-mail me or drop a comment so I can see what people would be interested in. Expect another Mitsudomoe batch tonight or tomorrow followed by me plowing through the rest of Boku x Kano since I said I'd have it done in 1-2 weeks, but I then proceeded to push it back several times and went past my deadline (sorry ;_;)

Update - I talked to mbt about Hiiragi Love Club, and they have raws for everything except 21,23, and 24 (though they may have found good scans of 21 and 23 on share). I also asked if they wanted some help, so I'm going to be translating that for them. So if you're into stuff like KnJ look forward to that.


  1. Hey Vexed, there might be a potential problem with Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki. That manga series is currently being done by group Animexis. I don't know if you were planning to translate the series, but some groups get offended by people working on the same series as them. I'm not trying to offend you or anything, but just informing you. As for the other series, I've never heard of any of them :(, however, if there are ones with fairly good stories or provides a good laugh that's my pick! :D

    Thanks for your great work!

  2. Gotta go with Nana to Kaoru. It's not only hilarious, but educational too!

  3. @wai Yin Szeto

    I know Animexis has been doing the magazine scans of Houzuki. I picked up Houzuki for the 5 chapters of raws I could find (10-14) as my first project back in April since Animexis was moving at a snail's pace. However, they've been buying raws that are not available elsewhere and have increased their speed so me doing Houzuki would be the equivalent of pissing away $12 a month to get the chapter out a bit faster. They don't have the tankoubon though (which may have omake chapters), so that's why I was considering it.

  4. I'm downloading this Hiiragi Love Club translated by mbt (I like knj a lot), I wonder how it is.
    And I'm more interested in extras of Houzuki-san, if there is any (I hope so ^^).

  5. Hi Vexed, could you please tell me what chaps of miman renai come in the comic high you order

    i ask because an anon is scaling it but he only has raws up to chap 25

  6. 25 is the latest chapter, so if I were to order comic high I'd get chapter 26. Also, I'm aware there's an anon scanlating it, he recently started working with mbt as well so I'll try to talk to him about it.

  7. well if i may say i'm totally up for Seitokai Yakuindomo vol 3 , apart from the others that are being scanlated but well that is just me.

  8. Stuff like Kojika? Where do I sign?

  9. it would be cool if you could make
    Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki ^^
    and thx for umisho the manga is great