Friday, July 2, 2010

Mitsudomoe - 13,14,15

Huzzah, here's some more chapters of Mitsudomoe! I'll probably stick to this 3 at a time release schedule for Mitsudomoe since I have a cleaner and you get a chapter of each girl every time I release this way. The anime also aired about 14 hours ago as of this post, but I wasn't able to watch it so I'm still waiting for a raw to pop up ;_;

Also in somewhat related news: this release only took about 3ish hours of work as compared to the triple release of Umisho which took about 12ish. That's the difference a cleaner makes in speed (Mitsudomoe is slightly less text-heavy, but still). So if you're a cleaner and want to help out e-mail me. Links below:



  1. Thx for the releases!

    Btw, that first episode of the anime was pretty damn hilarious :D

  2. Waiting for subs to the anime...

    Tx for the chapters.

    BTW how do you plan to keep releasing in batchs of 3, if there are only 4 more chapters in vol 1?

  3. I'll either do the rest of vol 1 (a 4 batch) or just keep up 3 at a time. If I did the latter, you'd get the last chapter of vol 1 and the first 2 of vol 2 in the batch after the next one.

  4. Thanks =) Great job as usual!
    I'm curious about the anime, can't wait to watch the first episode.