Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Akuma to Love Song - 40

UPDATE - I sent out e-mails to people who applied to clean. If I missed you, send me another e-mail. Also, my Hidamari mousepad came today. GLORY TO UME AOKI.

So yeah, totally forgot to do a post about this on Monday. In case anyone didn't grab it yet, here's your alert. Links below:




  1. Uhmm... thanks. Looks like the author is starting to focus on the KandaxMaria... whatever will happen to Meguro once all the drama's over.

    But a question: Whatever happened to AtLS 39? thanks.

  2. Ah, I left a note about it in an old blog post, but I accidentally got rid of it. You can find the links for chapter 39 on

    Basically I was busy and didn't have time to post about it so I said just go to his site for it. Incidentally the link below is for chapter 39 if you don't wanna bother going to

  3. is 41 up yet? :(

  4. i love this anime
    thanks for all your hard work you have put into it!

  5. I must express my eternal gratitude for the Akuma to Love Song updates.
    This is absolutely my favorite manga, and I've been waiting literally years now to read its end.
    Please never abanndon its scantlation, and thank you very, very much for all your hard effort so far <3