Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yandere Kanojo - 18

Huzzah I managed to get it done before I leave again! I tried to do it right when I got home, but I realized that wasn't happening when I could barely keep my eyes open. FYI: Do not attempt to scanlate on 1 hour of sleep (somehow, driving was fine though). Annnyway, my plans for now are to do a bunch of Umisho chapters (at least 5) because I've kept you guys waiting on that so long. The only thing I'll interrupt it for is debinding and scanning Franken Fran when I get it. Links below:



  1. You're amazing and I love you.

    What are the chances of you getting the raws (through purchase or discovery) of the magazine chapters before 16?

  2. Well if the post in the chapter 17 joker thread is to be believed I'd say about 100%

  3. Someone posted the raws for vol 1-3 so I'll put those in the rotation wtih Umisho, Mitsudomoe, and AtLS. Makes sense I had no idea where they were though, considering that they were on a Vietnamese site.

  4. Hey, can't edit the posts on my phone by if anyone reads this I'll try to get yandere done by tomorrow. I ended up going to a friends house for a party tonight and i'll be here for another one tomorrow but hopefully I'll have the chapter done before I leave tomorrow night. Sorry for any grammar errors in this post, I'm slightly drunk.

  5. wow tnx for the fast translation! i wasn't expecting this so soon but noticed someone threw it up on mangafox today. i noticed those raws in the last post and snagged them. The chapter ordering is very weird when you compare it to the online version and a few of the print ones that are out. It looks like volume 00 is kinda sprinkled in continuity wise. A lot of amusing stuff in the raws that i hope gets translated eventually. Particualrly the valentines one, the one with Reina in a maids outfit, and the high school festival (lol reinas dad as dracula, awesome. and nanami meeting tanaka and falling for him)

    id love to know what the hell is going on in those =P

  6. Thanks for the new chapter!

  7. And so I came to profess my love..... of your scanlations. =D

  8. So fast... Wow.
    I'm an econ guy, and it pains me to see someone with such a comparative advantage in translation do grunt work like cleaning.

    Email me @ altereggocb - gmail if you want help.
    I'll be slow, esp at first, so only good for stuff that's well back in the pile.

  9. I will pray to the gods that you find capable cleaners/typesetters so you can go translate the rest of Holyland for illuminati, they don't have any and ran out of transcripts ;_;



  11. Tx for the chapter.

    And now, something that should be in a Mitsudomoe post, but I read the comment yesterday and today I don't want to look for the thread. When some time ago I said about Futaba having 3 'ties' in her hair (I said 'pigtails', but hairstyles' names in English are not my forte, so I probably mistook the word), you said she only had a 'topknot'. That was said after I saw the 1st anime episode, where she do have 3. At the time, I thought that it was strange that I didn't notice it sooner, but after rereading the manga, I found it was one of the changes made to the characters in the anime.

  12. @Kemm

    Ah ok, that makes sense. I don't think I had watched the anime when I posted those chapters, hence why I said she has the topknot.

    It's kind of a bizzare change though, I wonder if it was intentional.

  13. Yop,
    Just passing by to say thank you =)!
    I've just read al the chapters availaible of Yandere Kanojo and I truly enjoyed your scanlations.
    So really, thanks a lot, and good luck for all your futur works.