Sunday, May 30, 2010

Umisho - 79

Umisho 79, done! I translated one line as "gang leader type woman" and the actual Japanese states Female Banchou (Banchou is like the head delinquent/ gang leader of a school). Figured I'd put that here so that anyone familiar with the term will get a better understanding since the word banchou has some connotations that come with it.

Also, at present I will be replacing my Young Ace order with Gangan Joker. This means I can scanlate some of the missing Yandere Kanojo chapters when I get it as well as some other things (a series about Saten's ghost version possibly, can you guess what it is?)

Lastly, I am discontinuing the readme from this chapter onward (for now), but if you read the previous ones please read this one as it is different and contains information about why I'm stopping it for now. Anyway, links below:


P.S. I added a link to the mediafire folder with all my releases in it on the sidebar just below the pageview counter.


  1. aw no young ace. But maybe that other group who were so busy finally will email you back.

  2. cool with the umisho stuff how much till vol 7?

  3. I still have pages 63-160 for Vol 6 and a 30 page full color omake that came with it. In terms of releases it'll probably be 2 weeks or so before I get to vol 7.

  4. Thanks for your great work :)

  5. Thanks for the good work ! :)