Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carat - 4

Here it is, finally got a start on it. There's still one more chapter in volume 1 that I'm not in a big hurry to work on since I have nothing to work on after that for this series yet. Anyway, this series is actually pretty good despite only being 2 volumes. If you like Umisho you'll probably like this, it's basically a parody of typical magical girl type manga/anime. It has a similar style of comedy plus Kanon's reaction faces are god-tier; surpassed only by reaction faces in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (which you should also be reading if you like these series). Also, I updated the readme (again) because more people that I thought read my releases. Ok that's enough of that, links incoming:



  1. I love you, Vexed~ *bows down* xD

    Thank you very very much! I am eternally grateful to you for picking up this project. ;p

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, to be honest I'm not really expecting the 2nd book to arrive until sometime in July, sorry about that.

    And also, since I saw that you looking for something to help with the raw expenses, might I suggest using Depositfiles? I heard that you can get paid a small amount of money when people use it to DL files...

  3. I know, there's a lot of DL sites like that, but at the moment I should be fine. I'd like to make things as easy for my readers as possible and not force you guys to use DL sites with wait times and limits on DL's per hour, if it can be avoided.

  4. Nice one. Thanks!!

    Do you plan to retranslate the first three chapters? (the translated ones of MiiRache are hard to find, i haven't found the third chapter)

  5. @Anonymous
    You can easily find older chapters at online manga viewing sites like MangaFox...

  6. Thanks, looks interesting but I'm also interested in a place to download chapter 3 of this (I don't really like online readers).

  7. Hi Vexed Scans Group!
    my name's Pipi. I'm a Vietnamese. Today i send this letter to ask for permission to translate your project "Carat!" I read this project and so into it.. That why i want to share this project to my friends who cannot read English.

    Can you? I promise i only get the vietnamese translation credits. If you're agreed, that would be big helps and we approciate that for your hard work and helping us so much. If not, its really sad for us, but i could understand the reason. If that happens, we still thank you for reading this letter.

    *And one more thing. If you agreed us to translate "Carat!" into vietnamese, is that ok if from now on, we can continue use your work to re-translate without going through letters of permissions again. It would be easier for both of us and wont disturb your time anymore. If its also ok with you guys, that would be so great.

    Thanks for reading this and hope i can get an answer Vexed Scans