Friday, May 28, 2010

Umisho - 77

Again, no cover page (if you can even count the start of each chapter as a cover page in Umisho) because awesome 2 page spread. Scratch that, tribute to Brotonashi for being an awesome person.

Also I noticed that a mixed up an messed up version of page 28 in the last chapter. It was before I noticed I misread something and changed "Now then..." to "Sanae" (Kise's first name). So you can get that page if you want it here. I also made some comments about possible plans for Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki in response to some anon in my last post if you're interested. Links below:


Update 5/29 (1:37 PDT) - I was gonna release chapter 4 of Carat tonight but 30 or so pages took longer than I thought. Expect the release in roughly 10-12 hours after I sleep and do the last 5 pages.


  1. Rocks to see Umisho picked up at just the right time! If you guys can keep up anything close to this release pace, the series will be done in a flash.


  2. You guys are amazing!!! keep up the good work with umisho! we all love you! :D

  3. Woahh you guys are awesome!!keep up the good work ya!! :)

  4. I noticed the new version of page 28 has a bit lower image quality than the previous version (despite the somewhat larger file size). So on impulse, I went and pasted the new corrected part onto the old image, whitened up some of the white space while I was at it, and saved the result as PNG to avoid adding even more JPEG artifacts. A bit silly of me, I know. But here's the resulting updated archive, just in case anyone else out there actually notices those kinds of things:

    Please feel free to replace the old archive with this version, or delete this link, or just ignore it, or whatever.