Monday, May 31, 2010

Himichu no Ayako-sama - 1

So I know you all remember that Champion RED series I was talking about. Well, this is it! The first chapter is kinda overkill in exposition, but it's not too bad and the later chapters are much better. This series is kinda like Sora no Otoshimono in terms of fanservice, but not quite as good in the comedy department, and (so far) it doesn't have a particularly serious storyline. Still, it's pretty good overall.

There are some kanji that were specified to be read as french words, but in the credits page I gave definitions for some of them. If I missed one you don't get just post a comment here. Other than that, sorry for the somewhat low raw quality, but it's a magazine scan and trust me the actual pages DO look like this (ie. blacks aren't fully filled in). I think that's it for now so links below:


Update 6/1 - I just thought that the page numbers might cause problems for some people's readers (and watashiwa7 confirmed it as I went to update this). So all DDL links have been replaced with a v2 where the page numbers are numbered as 01, 02, 03, etc. so that the first 10 pages aren't out of of order. I really wish CDisplay would read things in the same order windows does, maybe I should make my own reader that does? Also, here's page 03 from this chapter with the title on it. I decided to typeset them after all while I was working on chapter 2.

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  1. Nice manga, thank you ^^
    Ah, a favor: don't name files as "1.jpg", "2.jpg" etc... 'cause some (a lot of) readers follow this order: "1.jpg", "10.jpg", "11.jpg" etc. Screwing up the pages.
    Use this, please: "01.jpg", "02.jpg". You'll make a lot of people happy XD