Friday, May 21, 2010

Plana-chan - 3

After much delay here is the first series from CRED, Plana-chan! I have a paper due and a test after the weekend so Domina will probably be around sometime after that. I may do a quick Umisho chapter though. Also if any of you care to know, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is getting an anime adaption from its light novel form. The story is pretty decent but I don't think anyone has translated it and I sure as hell am not doing it (trust me, it's for everyone's benefit). Also something I keep forgetting to add: Carat! is officially picked up since CatzCradle ordered the second volume and will be scanning that for me so give his some thanks. Links incoming:

Chapter 3

Update - Can't believe I forgot to put this up, but in chapter 1 I translated one line as stating Plana turns back to normal once she splits into 30. This is obviously not true as is evident in this chapter (the meaning of the kanji the author was going for was minutes rather than pieces) so here's a fixed version of that page. Sorry for any inconvenience in this plot-heavy manga; I'm sure you were all outraged at such a mistake.


  1. Yey!! thanks so much for the release!!

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