Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Plana-chan, Franken Fran, Domina no Do!

Waiting for downloads to finish, so I thought what the hell I'll post something. After what I am hoping was just a Golden Week delay and not how long this should usually take, the next issue of Champion RED should be in my hands hopefully by the end of the week though possibly not until Monday. This means the next chapter of everything in the title of this post and possibly another series that I found amusing but am waiting to see the next chapter of. Oh, and it comes with some bookmarks from Color Wars (read: Ichiban Ushiro Dai Maou) so I guess I'll scan them in if anyone wants the pictures or even wants to make their own.

As I noted earlier I said I'd pick up a new project or two (holy hell it's might end up being three now though, I like too much stuff). One is the series I mentioned above, the second is Carat! if I can find the second volume or someone wants to buy it themselves and scan it in for me. The third is Umisho because the people currently doing it do not seem to have much free time and have been releasing one chapter per month and there are at least 3 volumes of raws available.

Annnnd download is now at 90% so I'll end this by saying you have a 90% chance of seeing AtLS 30 tomorrow, shin is a busy man with much editing to do though and there's always the occasional mishap or two that can occur.


  1. Thank you very very much for deciding to pick up Carat!

    I'm still looking for the second volume. And if worse comes to worse, I'll try ordering it from my local bookstore if you like.

  2. i looked for it as well and couldn't find it. i remember reading the first two chapters some time ago.

    meh..winny died for me and that's probably the only place you can find them now.

  3. @Catz

    You could try to order it but unless you're living in Japan I doubt any bookstore near you would have it. The only place I found to buy it was amazon, and they will utterly wreck you with shipping costs. I'm still searching through Share and PD for it though.

  4. @shin, Vexed
    Thank you so much to the both of you for your help~

    I have decided to order the volume from my local Japanese book store, which regularly ships books directly from Japan for a reasonably low price ($13!!!). Because I chose shipping, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks (compared to air which is $4 more for 2-3 weeks) to arrive. I hope you guys will still be interested by then. ;)