Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yandere Kanojo - 15

Not quite Kyou tier but Hiriji is good in her own way. I still think this manga has too much dialogue for a 4koma though, or maybe it seems that way because it's all crammed into tiny ass spaces. Anyway, typesetting was less of a pain this time at least. I left the GanGan Online adds in if only for the sake of making me feel better that the publication is as close as possible to its original form. Also read the credits page for explanation of why I translated Reina's line as "completanaka'd" if you are curious. And since most of you probably skip over this anyway, I'll get to the links:



  1. Thank you very much! We really appreciate your work, you are awesome!

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  3. thanks for this! i really enjoy this manga!