Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki - 14

Kyou chapter, fuck yes. Also I realized I was saving these as png files halfway through and didn't feel like resaving a jpg so the total file size is about 1-2mb bigger than it should be. If there's a viewing problem post a comment and I'll upload then as jpgs. I have a paper due soon so I won't have any new content till the end of the week probably. I'm planning on doing a shoujo series and at least one (maybe 2) new series in Champion RED so expect those since I'm all out of HCnA and Domina raws.

Also in unrelated news, the Muv-Luv patch by Amaterasu is almost completely done and Hox will probably release Franken Fran 38 I scanned in tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, links to delicious Kyou below:



  1. This looks absolutely lovely!
    Thanks so much for the awesome release~

    And you're planning to do a shoujo? *eyes sparkles* :DDD

  2. Thanks so much!

    Umm... also if you're interested, I think there are some raws here:

    Any ideas what series you're picking up?

  3. Thanks again.

    Maybe you could pick up Aki Sora or Sasameki Koto, especially the latter? The raws are there, but the scans are all but halted for some reason.

  4. Sweet! Thanks for the release!

  5. The sistter i raped last week. She loved it so much. This time she reverse raped me.
    Ty so much for all of this.

  6. I like this series, and thanks for all the hard work.