Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yandere Kanojo - 14

I was browsing /a/ and someone suggested this because CCCR has been busy with school this year. So about those two new projects, it's three now. This is a monthly manga like HCnA, Domina, and Plana but there's still one more raw out that I ripped from GanGan's Site so I'll finish that up on the weekend or just before it probably. After that the order is Plana-chan then Akuma until new raws are out for the other series. And as a side note, I'll be trying to stick to how CCCR was translating this: mostly localized with few honorifics. For example onee-sama = mistress. If you have any complaints about that, well, I don't really care. Links below:



  1. Great! Thanks for picking this up!

  2. yeah....thanks a gzillion for picking this up

  3. Hey! I just came across yandere on onemanga today, and i really enjoyed it. so~ thanks for working on it.

  4. Awesome, good work. Good that you're picking up the slack while CCCR is busy.

    I like that you're keeping his translation style, too. It makes me quite happy.