Monday, April 26, 2010

New Projects

So yeah, because I'm just that damn awesome I finished my paper today instead of putting it off till Thursday night. What this means is I'll have some new things ready earlier than planned so I'll announce that the two new series I'm planning on doing are Plana-chan and Akuma to Love Song (chapters 25+). I read some suggestions made and while I do enjoy some of the series mentioned (Sasameki to name one) I don't want to get in over my head and have slowpoke releases so I'll have to see how I do with these 4. Akuma has raws up to vol 7 so that's quite a lot of work right there as it is.

If there's someone who would translate for me though I could easily see myself doing another series, possibly two. All that person would have to do is translate to understandable engrish and I could probably handle the rest as long as it isn't on the same level as google translate. If there's someone like that out there post a comment or e-mail me if there's a series that has raws out you would want to do. Preferably we would do at least 1 release of that series per week because as it may be apparent, I hate doing shit slow.


  1. Sasameke? That would be cool. I was quite disappointed when Hanashi stopped scanlating it.

  2. Yeees!!! Thank you so much for picking up Akuma to Love Song~
    You have my eternal gratitude, man. xD