Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki - 13

Here's the deal: I was told last Sunday that animexis had both 13 and 14 translated. This is a 4koma manga where the only cleaning involved is speech bubbles and MAYBE that little caption with white text and black outline you see above Aneki in my picture. Actually this has the 2 page spread I posted earlier, but even that shouldn't take too long to clean properly (unlike my half-assed job). I have no idea how this can possibly takes 5 days to release if the translation is done considering how they were keeping pace with me earlier. I did not plan on doing this, in fact I finished this chapter last Sunday and received an e-mail very shortly afterward which prompted my earlier post and subsequent decision to not post this.

Well 5 days go by and nothing is out so I'll be sticking to a comment I made earlier on my previous post when someone asked about me why I didn't talk to KAW first before starting domina no do! "if a group is slowpoking on a series I enjoy and can manage then tough shit, I'm doing releases." I still think competing is stupid, but clearly that is the only way these chapters are getting done at a speed that isn't absolutely pathetic (pathetic is subject to my opinions but seriously, 12 pages a chapter with a full team of 5 people not done in 5 days? I call slowpoking).

TL;DR- I'm doing HnCA again and if animexis starts releasing again I'm not stopping because apparently their release schedule is very unstable. I'll be working/finishing up on Domina 18 before HnCA 14 though. Links below:


*Update 4/23 - A response earlier today stating they have HnCA on a lower priority than other series and will be spending the time needed to make the 2 page spread and the caption clean. So just a heads up, if you want a better clean job on those pages go DL their release when it's out.


  1. Well, ultimately, it's your choice and as a mere leecher I won't complain. Not to mention that I am profiting from more frequent releases...
    Thank you for your work.

  2. Yay! Thanks for the release!

    I guess this means you'll have less time to work on other series, but that can't be helped.

  3. Thanks to you i raped my sister.
    It was... AWESOME.

  4. \o/ thanks for sharing! \o/

  5. Thank you for scanlating this wonderful series at a good pace.

  6. Thank you so much for the hard work and awesome release!~ :D