Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yandere Kanojo (JOKER) - 3 & 4

So yeah, here it is. I'll skip my usual comments about how much typesetting this series blows and let you know: if you don't at least d'aww on page 58, never come here again because there is no hope for you. Hmm, not much else to say. Enjoy the chapters and enjoy your Zawa Zawa reference. Links below:


P.S. - Still looking for mango, see the Plana-chan 5 post for details. I'm pretty much set on getting Change-H, it's basically a collection of one-shots by some pretty good authors. I'm mostly going for it because:
1.It doesn't have any scans besides the one story in Pink
2. Amazume is the featured author in every volume so far, and most other authors are fairly good artists, and most are ero-focused. For example, the guy who does Ichinensei ni Nachattara was in 2 other volumes.
3. It's all about traps. Kind of like WAaI! except much better artists and it's all one-shots (I think so anyway, there might be a running story but I doubt it).


  1. have you considered the change h series? it has a lot of short stories but they are starting to get some continuations but only one volume is up now, i dont have access to any raws but here is the link to the first one
    this is for pink, the others are called change h yellow and green i believe dont no if this is what your looking for but I would like to see more from this author, its the guy that writes nana to kaoru

  2. hmm it seems they took it down so i found another site with it if you were interested in reading it

  3. Actually 3 volumes are already out, with a fourth one coming out soon.
    Raws for the first volume and some of the second are available online.

  4. I suggest this:

    Potemayo is one of the funniest yonkoma I know. And it's very very short (8 pages per chapter). Give it a try ;) If you're interested I still have the raws.

  5. One manga I have really wanted to see translated is "Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star". It's romantic comedy about a female idol singing duo who are secretly a boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend is only doing this to help his girlfriend with her singing debut and now has to perform as a female idol while still finding time to sneak around with her as her boyfriend.

  6. I would love to see the manga, 'Miyabi-chan Chi no Sentou Jijou' (Miyabi Family's Circumstances of Combat) translated. It's a 4-Koma. I don't believe it's been translated yet and I believe all 3 volumes are already completed in Japan.

  7. Thanks for the new chapters!

  8. awesome! (finally!) thanks.

  9. minami-ke?
    baka to boing?
    haru to natsu?
    mangakasan to assistantsan to?
    love allergen?
    henkoi- afterschool diary?

    or you can check out the MH shout outs:

  10. Thanks for the chapters^^

  11. I suggest this: ASUKA HYBRID
    its translated up to 9 chapters and then nothing

  12. thank so much for the scans ^^

  13. I've just finished my piecemeal scanning of Change H Blue - you can find it on my 4shared account. I've also scanlated the second chapter of the Amazume Ryuta BMGGMB story from Change H Yellow from a script by Boke. I'm waiting for QA before I release it (hope you like Comic Sans) but it should be out in the next few days. Note that the Amazume story in Blue is not a BMGGMB story but is set in the same "universe" where some kids change sex slowly at puberty.

    Next up for me is to start scanlating Change H Yellow, unless someone on Share beats me to it. I'll be doing it the same way I did Blue, releasing a chapter at a time as I complete them.

  14. Well I bought Green anyway, so we shouldn't overlap. Oh and if you weren't kidding: For the love of god do NOT use comic sans. If you need a font to use, use wild words at least.