Sunday, August 22, 2010

Domina no Do - 22

So here we go, there's a little more Hikari action though hopefully there'll be more next chapter. However I can forgive it this time, because this whole chapter was pretty much "that is my fetish" for me. Also it came with a color-wars (Ichiban Ushiro Dai-Maou) folder and the Yomeiro Choice CD so that's always a plus. Anyway I've been slowpoking on this release due to taking care of my dog so enough blogging, links below:


P.S. - There are some C78 doujins that got scanned I might TL+Typeset, but I'll wait a little while and see if anyone else does them since, for example, LWB is going into overdrive with releases right now and I don't want to overlap.


  1. I think that since you release steadily, releasing per chapter is fine, and then maybe do a batch in volumes :)

  2. Yeah new domina on Monday!!!
    you are the best

  3. sugoi
    yeah i'd read it in batches, but release whenever you want imo. i'd still read it.

  4. Domina! Domina! Domina! XD
    I hope the main character of this chapter is Hikari-chan.

  5. i came just looking at the title page. wow

  6. Thanks for the new chapter!

  7. Hilarious as usual XD
    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. haha, im dling the file right now, i cant wait for the chapter, since i just saw the title, and i do not really care if you release in batches or singles, its really up to you, but i just want the domina scanlations! TY so much for the release!

  9. thank you for your works
    love them! :)