Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Night, First Morning - Amazume One-Shot

Here it is finally; been busy with the dog and such. I'm not sure what I'll be working on next, though chances are quite high that it'll be Franken Fran, Plana-chan, and Domina no Do! (probably in that order too). Anyway gonna keep this short because I don't need any more accidents or other mayhem from my dog. Links below:



  1. Mmm... looks tasty~ :3

  2. Everything from Ryuta is tasty. It just doesn't get any better than his drawings.

    *looks foward to it*

  3. i totally agree the cover looks great^^ looking forward to your releas :D

  4. Thank you very much!

  5. Thank you muchly for this. Fine editing job (but no Comic Sans, boo hoo!) and a fine story too. Amazume-san's storytelling abilities lift his work out of the morass of poorly-structured manga out there and it's good to see it translated since there is a celluloid cat in Hell's chance of any of his stuff ever being given an official Western publication by Tokyopop or Viz.

  6. Man... Such a sad ending. It's like a fatefull reunion and then an open divorce without their paths ever crossing again... I actually shed a tear.

    Great translation.

  7. Thanks.

    So Amazume's Change H stories as far as I can tell are the following...

    1 Change H Pink - Amazume Ryuta - Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy 1 (scanlated by TeaParty)
    2 Change H Blue - Amazume Ryuta - First Night, First Morning One-Shot (scanlated by Vexed)
    3 Change H Yellow - Amazume Ryuta - Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy 2
    4 Change H Green - Amazume Ryuta - Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy 3

    Any chance you'll be scanlating items 3 and 4 on that list?

  8. 3 is being done by Albedo from what I've been told, it's apparently stuck at QC (how you get stuck at QC I'll never know) but it should be out soon. I'll be doing the chapter in change H green but don't get too excited about it because it's only like ~7 pages.

  9. Stuff gets stuck in QC when your QCer goes away and never returns your PMs and emails...

    Not so much a release as an escape under cover of darkness (see Klingon programming methodology for further details), chapter 2 of BMGGMB:

    You'll find a whole bunch of raws, Chinese scans and live action as well as scanlated stuff with a TS/trap/transgender theme at my 4shared account if you click on my name above.

  10. thankew beri muchi.