Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seitokai no Ichizon - Vol 3.5 Omake

So thanks to my order taking a day longer to get here than I had guessed, I had time to finish this. You'll have to deal with the somewhat crappy color pages since my scanner handles color horribly (someone wanna buy me a new one? it's only $65!) If I can get my hands on better scans I'll re-do this chapter with them, because making these look really good is nigh impossible (just ask Carbon) without vectoring every page, and even then I'd still have to handle the gradients.

Hopefully it won't be that big of a deal, I can at least say the scans aren't "edited in MS Paint with Comic Sans"-tier, though they could look better. Anyway, links below:



  1. are you picking this series up? or is this just a one-off

  2. I plan to once I can finish off some of the series I'm already doing. I'm already doing quite a few, and releases (on an individual series basis) are slower than I would like so I don't want to make it even slower. I could maybe do more series, but I'd need more people helping me out.

  3. I personally found no issue with the scans. Maybe the crazy colors distracted me, but it all looked pretty good to me.

  4. thanks alot.. i do have a question though
    q: is this volume 3's omake or volume 1 omake which is placed after chapter 3??

  5. This is the volume 3.5 omake; I would assume it is in neither volume 1 or volume 3 (though I can't be sure since I haven't ever seen either of them). Volume 3.5 came with an issue of Dragon Age and it is made up of this chapter plus a few of the artist's favorite chapters.

  6. Hey thanks for the omake =) and for giving me hope that someone is thinking of taking this up! It seemed so awesome when i watched the anime =D so thanks again =)