Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Plana-chan - 5

Well I got done a bit sooner than expected, go me. Next up is a slight detour from the norm, if you were on /a/ about 4-5 hours ago you may have seen my post. If not, well, you get to be surprised. After that I'll do some of the Yandere Kanojo chapters from the tankoubon and keep doing that until I get the new chapter (probably in a week or so). After that, I dunno, depends what the people I have cleaning for me have done by then. Links below:


P.S. - I'm looking for some good trap and/or loli manga that don't have scans/haven't had scans in 3+ months. Something like Hiiragi Elementary School Love Club, Miman Renai, Prunus Girl, etc. Alternatively, a good 4koma/comedy like Houzuki or Pani Poni is acceptable.


  1. Off the top of my my head:
    Loli, I have Schoolmate and Otona ni Naru Jumon; the first only has a few chapters translated and the second, nothing. For trap, Kaichu! I believe, has not been translated.
    But there's lots of loli manga such as Lolicon Phoenix and Lotte no Omocha, which scans just sort of stopped.

  2. The Ryofuko-chan manga?

    I've only single chapter raws in mangahelpers before they died.

  3. Just throwing these out there in case you're interested:

    Change H
    (it's an anthology of different genderbending stories; some oneshots and some continuing. I think it has a some loli in it)
    *Raws Available

    Urara-chan no Naka no Hito
    *Raws available (up to latest? which is 3?)

    Koi-koi Seitokai
    (I think another group is also interested in this?)

    Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

    Sekainohate de Aimashou
    *Has Raw Sources (Incoming)

    (I think another group is also interested in this? Well, I'm pretty sure there's some kind of OVA coming out soon)

    3 Revolution
    *Raw Available

  4. oh ho, long time no see.

  5. Fudanshism?

  6. if you want a good yon-koma you could try Lucky Star. Though i don't know if it's licensed :S

  7. Thanks a lot, great release!

  8. You mean untranslated?
    Ten Carat Torte comes to mind. The group that was scanning it is long dead. And even though it's stated as shounen, and it may seem from time to time, it's pretty obvious there's more to it than that especially given the amount of fanservice be it in the story or in the concept art.
    Moetan, it says it all.
    Otona ni Naru Jumon
    Non-H version of a loli h-manga.
    Aiko Desho
    Butthurt people will state it's not loli, but it's obvious the guy is in love with the loli.

    Alternatives I could think of:
    Chii-chan no Oshinagaki
    By same artist/author as Ichinensei manga. 4koma involving a little girl who loves cooking.

    I can provide raws for any or all of those if needed.