Friday, November 4, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Novel) - Vol. 4 Ch. 1

Yozora's new haircut, part II! I don't have much to say about this so I'm gonna skip to asking around for an editor. Note, the editor I'm looking for would mainly work on a different project by Isuna Hasekura, author of Spice and Wolf, that I want to do that I uploaded before (hint hint nudge nudge wink wink). However, since you'll probably edit faster than I translate, if you want to work on Haganai too I don't mind.

I don't expect to start the project right away, nor do I expect to find someone right away, but if you're interested come see me on IRC. Basic requirements off the top of my head for editing would be to be a native American English speaker, being prepared to work on this for at least 6 months, using IRC, and being very good at re-wording things (Hemingway-tier preferred). Of course, you'll probably catch typos/grammar stuff here and there, but my main interest in an editor is creating a script that flows better. Anyway, this is getting long so links below:



  1. Oh my Hime haircut, I will never forget thee.

    Thx for the chap

  2. thx for the chapter !

  3. Thanks a lot :D

  4. Thanks a lot for the new chapter. :D

  5. Much appreciated!

  6. I like Yozora's new haircut :D

    Thanks for the chapter !

  7. Thanks for the new chapter. It came a lot sooner than I expected, so I appreciate not being left hanging from that cliff.

  8. Thanks for your hard work!
    waiting fot the next ch.

  9. Not sure what name you go by on IRC if you've been on there in the past couple days. Haven't seen a vexed/devex yet. Hm.

  10. Sorry for the FLAME comment, but this chapter was repulsive!

    I love this series for it's comedy and it's interesting characters, BUT whenever it gets serious- it's AWFUL. It's like I'm reading some Middle Schooler's writing.

    Maybe I've been spoiled reading other outstanding light novels authors like Nagaru Tanigawa (Haruhi), Isuna Hasekura (Spice and Wolf, and even Kagami Takaya (Itsuten and Denyuuden). But I was certainly not expecting to read Sanzen'in Nagi here. It's that corny!

    gah! I just wish there'd be much less of these types of chapters.

  11. Goodluck to your hunt for a top tier editor and as well to the translation of the VN.

    Thank you for the chapter of BTS too!

  12. Thanks a lot for all the hard work.
    I really appreciated all your work and have read most of the BTS Light novel you've translated.
    You have my deepest gratitude

  13. Thank you very much. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  14. Thank you for the hard work . Fight On !

  15. I would be glad to be your editor.

    I am in fact already--an editor!--or anyway a retired one. I've been checking other people's writings for many years for all the factors you mentioned and more. I majored in English, and have always loved stories in all media. I particularly love this story as it's revealing itself in the manga.

    On the other hand, I am lots older than most readers of manga, and I would probably find it a struggle to learn to use IRC, and would in fact prefer not to use it.

    On the third hand, in the area of editing, I really know my stuff!

    If interested, contact me at

    Leonard / lunamoth

    PS: Thank you for Plana-chan!! Through darling Plana and her instant siblings, I finally understood moe.

  16. But... But... Dat hair...
    I don't think I'll ever recover from this.