Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Plana-chan - 20

Hah, It's still Thursday! For me anyway. I hope you can all enjoy the penultimate chapter of Plana-chan, only one left ;_;! I'll have a BokuTomo up tomorrow, and then those two Yandere Kanojo chapters after that. Time to get to them links below:



  1. all those moonrunes
    makes me really appreciate that people like you decypher this crazy language for uneducated riffraff like me

  2. May I ask, when is Idol Pretender next chapter gonna be out?

  3. @achattha32
    Rika was on break last month, new chapter in Young Animal Arashi is published on the 4th, dunno when scans will show up though.

    You said "May I ask," but you already asked! tehe~ I dunno when it'll be out, kundumstaf (the cleaner) was busy and basically MIA the past 3 or so weeks. On the bright side, you'll probably have 2 releases of Idol Pretender near each other.

  4. I want Idol Pretender too... :( thx for this anyway

  5. Ha ha, I was catch. I see..well, I suppose I will just continue waiting, thanks XD!

  6. 1 chapter left as in the end of the serialization or the end of the volume?

  7. nooo, plana-chan must not end!
    well, it's better than draggin a series out just because it sells but anyway, when it comes to an end i'll has a sad :(

  8. Well this is sad but at least we could enjoy some nice laughs with Plana and company :D

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  10. Greetings, Vexen-San:

    My name is Valeiolet, and along with Carlos Sakura, both of us from "Onechanbragas no Fansub" would like to get your permission to use your scans from "Plana-chan" in order to translate them into spanish.
    Carlos Sakura, da Boss of OnBF has been having some trouble finding good raws on this manga. And since your work is quite good and dedicated, it would feel wrong to use it just like that, hence this petition.
    Since we're on this subject, we'd like to ask for your permission to use your scans from "Tetsunagi Kooni" and a couple doujinshis of Aoki Ume as well. This is planned to be translated after "Plana-chan" if all goes well

    So I guess that's it. If you're OK with us using your scans as raws for translation let us know and we will be eternally appreciated.

    At your service, friends from the internetz and fellow scanners.

    Valeiolet: Translating
    Carlos Sakura: Cleaning, Editing