Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yandere Kanojo - 27

Hijiri so moe~ Once you read this chapter you'll see why I put it in front of Plana-chan. Also I have the next magazine chapter of Yandere Kanojo which is based on April Fool's Day, but that one I will be putting behind Plana (I don't even have it scanned yet!). Also this month the tankoubons I got with my magazines were the 6th edition of The Trap Anthology and Okujou Hime.

Traps are traps, but I doubt many of you have heard of Okujou Hime. There's only one chapter translated that I know of, but if someone can find/buy their own raws and wants to work on the series I'd be up for helping you translate if you need it. It's a pretty good story so far and I like the art style, it kinda makes me think of a fusion between Arakawa (FMA) and Maybe (TOxA). Anyway I don't want to write a huge wall of text so I'll end it here with links below:


P.S. - Domina 30 was v2'd and I TL'd the 4koma in the Madoka BD.


  1. yay.. i like hijiri too :)
    thanks for prioritizing this :)

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Wait...



    ...that's a TRAP?!

  4. Thanks for the chapter

  5. @Harimau

    No she's a she. "The Trap Anthology" (http://tinyurl.com/3kdz3uj) a set of short stories involving traps. I currently have all but the most recent one (not so surprising considering I have WOW!Scans' banner up there).

  6. Absolutely adorable chapter.

  7. Oh... well you had me confused since you were talking about traps in the same sentence you started talking about Okujyouhime... Well, that's a relief.

  8. Hi, i am a fam from PerĂº, my name is Benjamin Mamani, i love both series(domina and yandere). Please continue whit this work, you are the best!!!.

  9. daww, absolutely adorable chapter
    thanks alot