Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sengoku Youko - 51

Behold, the final chapter in the Yoshiteru arc! Will he actually die like he said? Will Matsunaga emerge victorious? Will Tago save the day? Is Nase good enough to go pro? The answers to these questions and more on the next exciting chapter of Sengoku Youko, which can be found via the links below:



  1. Matsunaga must soon recieve his come-uppance.
    Is he considered brave for attacking despite seeing the battle, or cowardly for attacking when his opponent was talking with his back turned :v

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. Never seen a bluer sky...

  4. Wow, plot thickening at a time like this? But damn, such a superb chapter!
    Thanks a lot!

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  6. Damn. An injust end. Seeing as it was a direct effect of the interference of the robed strangers which caused Yoshiteru`s death, I suppose Yoshiteru's survival itself was the 'distortion' they wanted to erase.

    Seeing all of this play out made me look up Yoshiteru and Matsunaga's lives on Wikipedia. I just got done following Hyouge Mono not too long ago, so that gave me some Sengoku era context, but what I know is still pretty much only post-unification stuff which left me totally unfamiliar with the Eiroku incident. All in all, pretty fascinating stuff. I'm particularly impressed with Mizukami's embellishments and integration into his own story of Ashikaga Yoshiteru's life. That poem in the end...powerful stuff.

    It's interesting 'cause this series is called Sengoku Youko yet this incident and these characters are really the first ones for me to have contextualized this story into the history of Japan. I've gained a lot more familiarity/interest in that since I first started the series; maybe a rereading soon is in order.

    In any case, this was a fantastic chapter and really great continuation of Sengoku Youko's story. Really thanks to you guys for translating/scanlating it. I'll be looking forward to the next.

  7. Nooo, seeing Shakugan again was more touching than Yoshiteru's death.