Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WEE Status Update

The TL;DR is that WEE is stalled indefinitely, and I'll be working on Tokage no Ou for the time being in its place. Click on the read more for details.

So, now that I'm nearly caught up with Haganai I was getting back in the WEE groove to try and pump some more translations out, when I happened upon the Spicy Tails website. On their site, they state that they'll be releasing an English version of WEE episode 1 at Fancy Frontier. As for why no Chinese version at a Taiwan event, it's because the person they were paying to do the CN translation ran off with their money apparently.

As for why an English version at all, I have no idea, but in any case it means I'm going to sit back and see how things play out as I don't want to spent 80 some hours doing something that's already being done. I sent them an e-mail to see if they plan on distributing the English version, you know, someplace English speakers can realistically get their hands on it, and I'll make another post if I get any news about that. In any case, Fancy Frontier is in February, and hopefully I'll be able to check out their translation when it comes out. If it's good, hurray less work for me, and if it's bad, well, just think of it as having a ~2 month delay added to the release date of my TL due to waiting for their release.

Now, this post is getting really long so I'll just keep this short, but WEE going on hold means my next "novel" project gets bumped up a spot on the list, and seeing as how my next planned novel project is Tokage no Ou, that means I'll be working on that in the near future once everything with Haganai is sorted out.

And that concludes your irregularly un-scheduled WEE status update.


  1. Well~ at least it's gonna be in english
    though, i really hope the translator knows.... english ._.

  2. Thanks for your efforts! Will be watching with interest to see what becomes of this project.

  3. yeah..thanks I really want to see that new project

  4. are there any new infos about it?

  5. Looks like it will be hard to get the official translated version. http://forums.mangagamer.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=42&start=10#p1256

  6. hi, thanks 4 the hard work. why don't you skip the 1st episode and translate episodes 2 and 3 instead? =)