Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tetsunagi Kooni - 31

Here we go, got it done! I kept getting distracted and not working on this which is why it took so long. I'll probably do a BokuTomo chapter since I've got part of it done already while I wait for Yandere Kanojo 29 to get published later tomorrow/early Thursday. Nothing else to add for now so links below:


P.S. - BokuTomo is getting animated by AIC Build. Can't really say they've done as good a job at adapting the characters as Nishida did for SHAFT in Denpa Onna* but at least they're not J.C. Staff.
* - This is based on the only image available. Things may improve, though I doubt it.


  1. can't wait till the next chapter.
    do you know when the nezt one will come out?

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    BTW Since you seem to belong to the light novel translation world, do you know of someone who is currently translating, will translate or is interested in translating "Inukami!" light novels?

  3. @Anonymous
    They're usually published in Dragon Age bimonthly so next one would probably be out in August.

    My involvement in the LN translation world is to the extent of translating BokuTomo myself and posting it where people can read it, so I don't know if anyone plans to translate "Inukami!"