Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carat! - 8

Tada~ I still do manga, shocking I know! I'm gonna try to get chapter 9 done this weekend too along with translating Methed 4, Himawari 6-9 (why did I pick up more work? who knows.), and scanning AtLS 54 so I have no interruptions when Dragon Age gets here with brand new chapters of Tetsunagi Kooni and Triage X. Which by the way, I'll probably be scanning for Sir Gringe over at XLG again this month because he's busy moving and won't have his until a week later. That's all the news for now so links below:



  1. THXS SO MUCH for update saw methed 4 and made my day now got something to look forward to. will prob be refreshing site every 10mins over the weekend

  2. Thanks so much again, Vexed! :D

  3. Awesome! More Carat on the way and I don't have to wait months.