Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carat! - 9

Another chapter of Carat! done, only 4 more to go! I probably won't have time to scan Tetsunagi Kooni in today, though the TL will be done so it'll be out tomorrow. Also, maigo asked me to TL Himawari(here and here) for them so I did all of vol 2 the past 2 days. They should have it out sometime soonish. I also went and translated an extra puzzle in Paradox Blue which you can find on maigo's homepage under the Paradox Blue Ch. 7 post. That's it for now so links below:



  1. i love you <3

    this series really needs more exposure.. the magical shoujo battle theme description in bakaupdates is kinda a putoff : (
    luckily i was randomly reading this because of its clean and good lineart. its a very very funny manga, lawl. thank God i didnt read the desc before, or i might shun it : /

  2. Any news on method 4?

  3. Thanks so much for the new chapter, Vexed!~

  4. Love it. Thanks for release.