Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Novel) - Vol. 2 Ch. 5

I was bored with nothing to work on since I haven't scanned anything in yet, so I did this. 266 lines in about 2 hours isn't too shabby, especially since I spent like 20 minutes deciding whether or not to go find all the Chinese names or not. I gave up after a while, it was such a pain in the ass. You'll take Japanese names and like it. Anyway as I did before you can get the release in my bare bones html form or read it on baka-tsuki. Links below:



  1. Japanese names are nice, even mangasubbers use them. Looking forward for future releases

  2. Are you planning on finishin the v1? I was waiting for the last 3 chapters of it before reading it all but vol 2 was started and for some reason people counted vol 1 as finished (you can see on M-U that it's supposedly complete).

  3. Thanks! This Light Novel is in fact quite lovely.

    About Volume 1 in Baka Tsuki, there is already a translator appointed to it; as readers we simply have to take into account the personal agenda of who translates and that things can slow down when real life kicks the door asking for taxes.

  4. I was asking if there was an appointed translator already. I know RL is a priority and that translating is something to do on free time. And this month is a trcky one test-wise, since the end of term is very near.

  5. In baka tsuki forums you can check if there are appointed translators or not (that's what I did), I remember the guy that works in bokutomo reporting that he was going to be busy for a while, before being busy I remember that he did monthly releases or something in those lines; after getting busy he has translated some things but not anyway near the monthly release schedule.

    BTW I'm pretty thankful that vexed kept the japanese names, it's sometime difficult to do a "who belongs to who" game board in my head every time I eye up some raws.