Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yandere Kanojo - 25

Alright it's done in a timely manner for the first time in a while! Also in case anyone cares GanGan online made an iPhone app for reading manga and viewing illustrations. I doubt many of you can use it but I figured I'd bring it up just in case. Also I haven't had time to debind and scan anything new yet so I'm not sure if I'll do something else over the weekend, get all the translation work done now, or slack off and continue reading Steins;Gate. In any case, links below:



  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Awesome Thanks

    Would it be possible to get a couple batches for the online and mag chapters?

  4. Thank you for the scanlations.

    Are the Gangan Joker chapters 5-15 still low on your priority list and thus far unworked on? Or are they scanlated somewhere else that I just hadn't noticed?

  5. @Anon1
    Yeah I guess I should do that shouldn't I. Maybe I'll say that was my scanlation work for the weekend(笑)

    It's just lower(read: about dead last) on my priority list right now. If there are English scans of it I don't know about them. Once I can wrap up both Umisho and Carat! I'll probably have time to do that and Mitsudomoe.

  6. That was a funny chapter. Thanks a bunch :)

  7. Anon1 here, you are awesome

  8. I have two questions and I think both are rather stupid
    Manami is in love with the boss?
    MAnami is related why with manabu, Half sister, birth sister, etc.? I can't remember it