Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plana-chan - 12

Here we have another new year's chapter! It's a month late because of when it was published plus another month because of me saving on shipping, it can't be helped. Also in case it wasn't incredibly obvious from the title page the Plana-chan tankoubon went on sale a few days ago! Maybe you wanna buy that or something to enjoy the first ~7 chapters in their full glory, I dunno. Anyway I must get back to Steins;Gate because after dragging ass for the better part of 5 chapters (the SoL wasn't all bad though) it's finally going somewhere, so links below:


Volume 1 Batch


  1. Spawn more Planas!

  2. I wish my RSS reader would pick up changes to RSS articles that have already been fetched once. That way, I wouldn't always have to check manually if something was actually released or if it was just an announcement post.

  3. Thanks for the release