Saturday, November 6, 2010

Umisho - 108

So a couple notes about this chapter. First, I cleaned it differently, so let me know if you like it better, worse, or can't notice a difference. Second, as part of my new "Vexed Teaches Obscure Economic Terms Used in Manga" series, the Engel Coefficient is a measure of the percent of income spent on food which is calculated (roughly) by the following formula: Money Spent on Food/Income. Basically, it means that having a high Engel Coefficient means you spend almost all your money on food. Now with that out of the way, links below:


Also, since I haven't done a batch in a while, you can get 103-108 below (only mediafire):



  1. thanks for another chapter, 17 left :)

    BTW, are you going to make a volume batch for v7 and subsequent volumes like you did v6?

  2. Yeah, I'll do batches of 7 and 8 at the same time probably.

  3. Oh vexed you so crazy , anyway thanks for another good chapter ,by the way any news regarding Boku x Kano?

  4. Thanks once again for the chapter!

  5. Thanks a lot! ^^
    Riru is back XD I bet Okiura will be in trouble soon.
    About the cleaning... dunno, maybe I prefer the previous version.
    Ah, there's a typo at page 66 (soalr panel). I don't want to be a pain in the ass XD I'm pointing it out just so you can correct it in the batches.

  6. And the really interesting thing about the Engel Coefficient was the later discovery that other purchasing behaviours worked identically.

    This realization led to the invention of "marginalism" (the idea that all economic decisions occur at the margins between choices), and the idea of income and substitution effects.
    In modern terms the Engel Coefficient is a negative income effect.

    And now you know one more useless economics tidbit.

  7. @Watashiwa7

    I meant to leave it as soalr! Really! It even sounds the same, soal-r. But yeah, I'll fix that later.