Monday, November 8, 2010

Plana-chan - 8

Here it is, Plana-chan Chapter 8! I thought this one was pretty good, a lot of it was in the sound effects though and some aren't easily recognizable, but most of them are. Also, the next Champion RED will be here soon so I'll probably do an Umisho over the weekend and then Domina. Anyway, links below:


P.S. - I have to do an experiment for a final in one of my classes and may need volunteers. All you have to do is look at pictures for a few minutes or so (dunno what kind of experiment I'll be doing with them yet though). If that's something you wouldn't mind helping with, e-mail me. My address is on the right side of the blog and in every credits page.


  1. I don't mind helping you. I just sent you an email

  2. Thanks for the release

  3. thanks!

    Plana is always a 100% laughter guaranteed :D :D

  4. I just read it ^^ Funny as usual XD
    Thanks a lot!