Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tokage no Ou - 9

And here's some Tokage no Ou for your Thursday evening/Friday morning depending where you live. You get to find out some more about what's up with Umishima, as well as how Tokage is doing now that his optical capacity has been cut in half. Also tangentially related (because Buriki does the art of the Tokage novels and the Haganai novels), Haganai NEXT episode 2 aired today, so be sure to go get that if you haven't yet after checking out the links below:



  1. Seems like a kingfisher death flag

  2. Deserves more replies, can't wait to see what kind of insanity he pulls while under his self delusions lol

  3. Thank you vey much.

    I like almost all of your projects, so thanks a lot for your work.

    By the way, is manga still covers the 1 volume of LN? Also, I saw somewhere, that you are planning to translate LN. Is it true?

    p.s. Sorry, if my english is bad:(

  4. Hello i am currently really interested in the Light Novel of Tokage No Ou . I've gotten so interested that i bought 2 volumes of the light novels and they came to me about a week ago. I got them scanned to my computer so i have the LN's of volume 1 and 2 , but there in Kanji . I'm hoping to find some people who are interested in helping me translate the light novel :P . Here is my facebook page Heres a pic of my site :
    I have experience PHP/Coding my own websites
    and features. If your interested my skype is LaxusAk and my email is - Laxus.