Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Cleaning

I took a while to make a post about this because someone inquired about buying all the magazines the same day I mentioned them, but they haven't responded since, so here's your post. I'm going to be getting rid of all the magazines in the image above (click here for big version), but if anyone wants some of them send me an e-mail sometime in the next week or so.

I'm thinking $2 per, but if you buy a bunch (like half or more) I'll shave a few bucks off. You can also click here for details about the magazines (ie. condition, sizes, shipping, etc.). Shipping isn't set in stone though, and if you know a cheaper way mention it in your e-mail.


  1. How much it will cost you to ship to Malaysia?

  2. The same question, but mexico?

  3. It's on the USPS page, here's a copy-paste of it: Can be used for Domestic Priority Mail ($11.35) and International Priority Mail ($32.95 to Canada and Mexico- $47.95 to all other countries, 20 lb weight limit applies)

    I assume there are probably cheaper methods for you guys outside the U.S.

  4. $47.95 for my currency is expensive. So let other grab it. (^.^)"