Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mado no Mukougawa - 2

Yarrr, Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb be a' startin' soon, and what better way to celebrate than by releasing some more o' yer' fav'rit wideface while talkin' like a pirate fer some reason? Arrrr. Yandere Kanojo may or may not be next, depending how long my image processing homework takes me. Also you should totally read Rulia-Nya!, Rulia-chan is lonely with no comments on her release post. Not much else to say though, so links below:



  1. Thanks! But be careful, Vexed. I think you might die from wideface-induced over-excitement.

  2. Been waiting for this one for age. Thanks

  3. Dude, I'll do your image processing homework for you... whatever it takes to speed up the next chapter of Methed.

  4. Thank you! Why does this have to be released in a quarterly magazine T_T
    It's already fantastic but imagining Hanazawa Kana saying Sonofuji's lines makes it 10 times better.

  5. Woow, thanks! Nice surprise to begin the day. And, yeah, the quarterly rate really is excruciating...
    I wonder what series run in that magazine, because all the covers seem to be about Mukougawa...

  6. It's fascinating to see something new from Aoki-sensei. And the art in all of her more recent releases has just gotten unspeakably gorgeous too. I can't get enough of this one, even though it's only two chapters long so far, lol.

    Thanks for the great work, on this and also other series!

  7. I, for one, welcome our new powered wideface overlords!

  8. I really appreciate the care that you take in matching the art and the layout. Your scans look better than some of the books on my shelf.

  9. are there any more chapters out in japan? and are you planning to translate them?

  10. You are a god among scanalators.

    I'm dyin' in here.

  11. Is this dropped, in progress or just no new chapters out?

  12. following on the last anon, really liked the opening chapters on this and I NEED WIDEFACE

    was this dropped by the magazine, the scanners, or have you guys just had it on the backburner?

    Thanks for all the great work!

  13. Just in case anyone else comes looking for info, like I did.
    The magazine this is published in seems to still be going. I found Vol.6, with his manga on the cover, at released in June 2013. Vol. 1 was first released in Jan. 2012.
    So, it looks to be a long time between releases and no one doing scans since Vex did vol. 2
    Hope that helps anyone who comes looking.

    1. There scans for volume 3 and 4.
      Credits Miyabro.