Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Novel) - Vol. 4 Ch. 8

And here's the (most likely) final Christmas release, Haganai volume 4 chapter 8. Dunno where the person who was typesetting the fourth release went, but perhaps it'll just end up delayed until New Year's or something. Anyway, enjoy the end of your Christmas (if you live in one of the GOOD timezones, tehe~) with the links below:


P.S. - The random vol 5 chapter is of similar quality to the vol 7 ones. That is to say, not that great; especially when you're mistranslating train as bus.


  1. The translator of the vol 5 chapter just wanted to that as a preview and that was it (some places have arguments about Yukimura's, well; you know), so he wasn't that super serious about it when it came down to it. About people showing up and adding chapters here and there, well; that's the thing of having a wiki format website for translation, but oh well.

    * Runs off to read the current chap *

  2. Thank you for the new chapter.

    About Vol.5 & 7 translation quality. We as readers who can't read original Japanese version will get whatever is available to us first even we knew it's inaccurate. But I personally prefer your translation and will replace those Vol.5&7 chapters with your version when it is available anyway.

    One thing I'd like to voice my opinion is about name order. I prefer honorific and original name order. But I do respect your preference of using western name order, so I just edit the text myself back to original order. At least yours is still far better than gg fansub, their subs always bothered me with localization.

    Well, thank you again and happy new year!

  3. I'm well aware that most people don't care about the quality of releases, so long as they aren't totally incomprehensible. However, the translators doing content ahead of me are just wasting their time doing a worse job that's ultimately going to get completely deleted once I do those chapters. If you're going to translate a light novel (or anything really), do one that doesn't have anyone actively doing it already; especially when you're only going to produce an inferior work that's just going to get deleted.

    I'm sure lots of people would rather be able to read two series instead of one; and, as I've always said, I hate wasting time and effort, whether it be my own or others'.

  4. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work!!

  5. Thanks for another holiday present XD

    I've never compared answers again since high school with the reason like Kodaka felt on this chapter, it's terrifying when you realized you wrote wrong answer when your friends were right XP

  6. thanks bro. I totally agree.

  7. Hi there Vexed, I'm the one that's been translating Volume 7 of Haganai recently. As you've guessed, it's a second-hand translation (Jp -> Ch -> En) so it's bound to contain more errors than a direct translation.

    My personal goal translating has always been to share something of interest with the reader - in the case of Haganai Vol 7, I decided to translate it because it contains a few very Rika-centered chapters and probably the most powerful ending of all Haganai volumes to date. I have no qualms with you replacing my translation once you start working on Vol 7; most of my past contributions to BT (Haruhi vol 7 & 8, GOTH etc) have been nuked due to copyright issues anyway.

    As to why not translate something else, the simple answer would be there's nothing else that I find interesting currently :P

    Thanks for all your translations thus far, and good luck with the rest of the chapters :3

    P/S: Just my 2 cents, but wouldn't it be easier to just edit the mistranslations rather than start from scratch?

  8. Thanks as always!

  9. @HolyCow
    Did you check out Sword Art Online at Baka-tsuki yet? It is great series and currently lacking translator, I found Chinese script of it on the web too. It'd be great if you interested and help out translation there on stalled volumes.

    Sword Art Online recently won #1 at [Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! - 2012 edition] on series & male lead, #2 on female lead. Very well written, highly recommended.

  10. thank you very much

  11. >I'm well aware that most people don't care about the quality of releases, so long as they aren't totally incomprehensible.<

    Here to respectfully disagree. People do care about quality. Problem is perceiving what quality is - person not knowing the original content cannot tell "train" from "bus" if bad translator also had a good editor who made the output text "flow" well.

    So don't sell yourself short here. People do care. They may not know that they should care about something else in addition to what they can spot though.

    And of course, if someone isn't a great translator, or just a beginner, they deserve some slack. No one started great, and it's good to see people trying to get translations out even if they're not doing them too well. That said, it would be nice if baka-tsuki archive had "translated by" visible for each chapter.

  12. Can you also scan the book layout such as toc, book title, etc just to get the proper layout when adapting it to epub.