Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Umisho - 125

You're gonna like the way page page 91 looks, I guarantee it. Also shin (otakami) released a bunch of stuff for his birthday over on his site, two of which I worked on (AtLS and Methed). Most of the other stuff is worth a read too especially "Hoshi no Samidare" and "Shinigami-sama ni really long title" (I actually have all the tankoubons of Shinigami-sama :3). Anyway you can grab his releases here and my release with the links below:



  1. Definately gotta read hoshi no samidare; Otakami did an amazing job on that manga.

    Thanks for the release; how much longer do we have to go till this one is over?

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. downloaded from mediafire while waiting for 4shared to finish..still did it though xD

  4. You can fly hadaka ni narou yo
    TOROPIKARU de kimochi II karaaaaaaaaa

    During the kiss scene I remembered this song XD
    Thanks for the chapter, I'm going to send an e-mail to you (in a couple of hours, I guess).

  5. Thanks for the release!

    Also I personally think it was the best kiss scene ever. This makes like the 3rd kiss one now? I can't remember

  6. yep, 3rd kiss
    thnx for the chapter! great work!

    Wonder if okiura's gonna be all right...