Friday, March 4, 2011


Behold, Aoki Ume's doujin in all it's glory fully translated and nitpicked over so much I put people with OCD to shame (and there's probably still a typo somewhere). I hope you'll all read everything since it was a fair bit of work to translate Aoki's rants about what anime she likes, and besides that Aoki has pretty good taste so of course you'll want to read it! Also a quick announcement that Yandere Kanojo is next though I probably won't get to really work on it until Tuesday due to finals and my birthday (pretty sure there are other Aoki doujins that haven't been scanned yet if you wanna get me something!) Anyway, that's all for now so links below:


P.S. - I had a short break to work on something and I saw a Kyouko x Sayaka comic, so I translated it. Enjoy.


  1. if you want something powerlevel conceiling for your phone, that really narows it down, but how about those symbols from hidamari sketch

    i'd limit it to the original four, but that's just my taste
    ...noone will ever know...

  2. actually, I think "Spontaneity" is quite good. well, if not that, all I can propose is :
    "the things I stop thinking about" (it's not really on-topic but it I thought it sounded good ><)
    "half-thought actions" or "half-thought deeds"
    "act, don't think"
    that's all I can think about ~ thanks for doing this, the thing looks good =)

  3. daww, that Kyouko x Sayaka one is adorable

  4. Spontaneity is a good title. :)
    Keep it.

  5. that Kyouko x Sayaka comic is not fair... it can never happen and that fact makes me sad

  6. Hey, what series is the second story from... or is it an original story?

  7. whoohoo
    awesome, thanks alot

  8. YAY! It's done! That's money well spent :)
    Great job!

    @Anonymous: It can't happen now THAT WE KNOW OF. I'm still hopeful that the ending will end up with QB being the only one dead.

  9. who are kyouko & sakaya? seems interesting wanna know moar!

  10. Been waiting for this. Thanks!

    By the way, did you set the font AA's setting as "sharp"? Please set it to "smoother", it'll look better!