Monday, October 11, 2010

Plana-chan - 7

Finally it's done~ That's all for Champion RED for now. GanGan JOKER arrives tomorrow so Yandere Kanojo will be my next goal (along with scanning TOxA and Prunus Girl). I'll probably have a short break between when I release YK and the online chapter comes out, so I'll probably finally get around to doing part 3 of that Amazume comic in Change H Green. Just in time for Change H purple too!

After that I'm not sure but it'll probably be Umisho/Mitsudomoe until the next CRED. Anyway, links below:



  1. I fucking love this series! Thanks for the scans!

  2. thanks vexed!

    Plana chan is always funny :D

  3. Re: Change H! Purple -- the list of mangakas and chapter titles on the front page suggest that the Amazume story is not going to be a BMGGMB chapter. See for details. I read the title as:

    要と川瀬とボクとアレ (Yoshi and Kawase and me and you)

    The story I'm most interested in (apart from the Amazume headliner) is "Balance Policy" as there doesn't seem to be a chapter of either "Hashiru Kakeru Subaru!" or "Girl's Sanctuary" listed.

    Ar eyou planning to scan all of Green or just the Amazume story?

  4. thanks for the chapter